Release Stress Through Sound and Frequency

What you'll learn

Throughout this 12-day course we will look at the origins of unconscious (chronic) stress and how it may affect the rhythms and cycles of the body. We will look at how to encourage the rhythms of relaxation in the body and mind, as well as releasing stress and tension, using sound frequency and breath rhythms. We will also learn how these concepts may apply to meditation and awakening. This course will explore more about sound and frequency, in conjunction with conscious breathing, as a tool for releasing stress and accessing deeper states of meditation and relaxation. It will expand on some of the ideas from the previous course, “Heal Through the Power of Sound and Frequency”, where we discussed some of the basic concepts around sound and frequency and their relationship to meditation and mind-body practice. We will also discover how trauma may alter rhythms in the body, leading to ongoing stress. Each practice will offer options for resetting and restoring rhythms, as well as facilitating the release of held stresses. Frequency-based practices can be a great prelude to silent meditation or facilitate stress release. Through this journey, you will understand unconsious patterns that may lead stress, reset breath patterns and brainwaves, release subconscious mental patterns and held stresses in the body, prepare the body and mind for deeper meditation practice, and establish frequency-based practices that support continued wellbeing.

Course Outline


The Origins of Stress

In the day one we will  look at different types of stressors may create unconscious habit patterns and affect the body’s rhythms. We will also look at the musical concept of harmony and disharmony, and how these concepts also apply to the mind-body connection.


Resetting Rhythms 

In day two we will learn about the cycle from awareness to reaction. We will learn that when this cycle is unconscious it can lead to repeating patterns of stress. We will look at how it’s possible to interrupt unconscious patterns of stress with sound therapy and breath practice, utilizing rhythms and frequencies known to lead towards relaxation.


Release of Trauma and Stress

In day three we will learn how certain stressors may be related to past emotional or mental traumas. We will also look at how the process from an initial trauma to ongoing patterns of stress, might progress. We will also explore what may occur as mental and physical habit patterns change, and as stress leaves the body.


Methods of Entrainment 

In day four we will learn about the phenomena of “feedback” as it relates to frequency and sound. We will also draw an analogy to the mind-body connection and learn how this concept of resonance may also apply to emotional triggers, and issues that lead to feedback loops of stress. We will look at how these patterns can begin to be adjusted leading towards clarity and release.


The Structure of the Story

Building on the concept of harmony and disharmony, we will learn about the structure of story that is common in the arts and the way the mind processes events. We will learn how the basics tension and resolution lead to an ongoing narrative. We will learn how this relates to the functioning of the nervous system, and how to approach this relationship differently.


Begin with the Breath

The breath can be a major key to mental and physical wellbeing. In this lesson we will learn how breath rates are intimately tied to the functioning of our nervous system and the emotions. We will learn how the breath can also affect many other systems in the body including blood pressure, metabolism, Heart Rate Variability and more. Finally, we will learn how the various elements of the breath rate can be applied for relaxation and release.


Becoming Like Children

In day seven we will review the basic brainwave states and how they are related to various states of consciousness. We will also look at how these brainwave states are also related to the cycle of awareness and the development of our consciousness as children. We will explore how changes in consciousness are also related to the rhythms of the body.


Becoming Like Children pt. 2

In day eight we will explore brainwaves and state dependent memories, and how those memories may be connected to physical sensations and mental states. We will learn how learned patterns become subconscious and he we can reprogram the mind and body using rhythm. We will look at how this may relate to returning to earlier brainwave states, as in childhood, to recalibrate and renew the mind.